What is a camera phone?

A camera phone is a type of mobile phone, that is, a mobile phone with a camera function. The world's first camera phone was J-SH04, which was manufactured by Sharp Corporation of Japan in November 2000.

 This camera phone uses a CMOS image sensor module, because CMOS can save more power than the CCD image sensor module used in digital cameras at the time. Let the phone's battery not be used up quickly because it is added to the camera.

At present, the main manufacturers of camera phones are HTC, Nokia, Samsung Electronics, Motorola, Siemens and Sony Mobile.

  In 2004, the resolution of camera phones reached megapixels (such as 2MP) in Japan , and in Europe, 3MP were more popular. In addition, 60% of Japanese mobile phones are camera phones, and this ratio is expected to rise to 100% in 2005. Since then, each manufacturer has pushed the phone pixels up, such as Sony Ericsson K800i (3.2MP), Nokia N95 (5MP), Sony Ericsson C905 (8MP).

  In November 2009, Sony Ericsson launched its 10MP mobile phone (12MP) Satio; Samsung also launched its 12-megapixel mobile phone Pixon12.

  In May 2010, Altek Huajing Technology released a 14-megapixel pixel mobile phone.

  In 2012, Nokia released the world's first mobile phone with a pixel of 40MP, and the Nokia 808 pure scene, with 41MP.

  Because of the contact and communication functions of mobile phones, megapixel camera phones have also begun to play an important role in social phenomena and human behavior, such as strengthening crime prevention, facilitating real-time news reporting, and more effective business use. . But the negative ones have resulted in “sneak shots” and violations of privacy.

  Some important social organizations have begun to ban camera phones due to concerns about privacy rights, such as the Pentagon in the United States and some fitness clubs.

  At present, the best camera phone is a mobile phone with enhanced video function, that is, a mobile phone that can see the other party's face in real time to make a video call.

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we know very well that the Xiaomi brand always provides budget phones with good features. Same way Today Xiaomi has launched another budget-friendly mobile Redmi 8 at the starting price of Rs.7,999 in India. At the end of the event, Xiaomi India head Manju Jain announced the date of launching Redmi note 8 pro in India.


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The Huawei logo

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