Samsung Galaxy J8- Features & Specs

The Samsung Galaxy J8 with a 6 "HD + Super AMOLED display delivers clear visuals, and the 18: 5: 9 aspect ratios give you a unique viewing experience.

The Samsung Galaxy J8 with smooth curves and elegant looks fits well in your hands. By choosing from a variety of colors, you can easily match the Samsung J8 to your style and lifestyle.

Multitask display style

The Samsung Galaxy J8’s 6-inch display is designed to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously, such as gaming, messaging and web browsing. With App Pair, you can watch videos and send messages at the same time, and no longer need to look at your messages while watching a clip.

Professional camera

Samsung's Samsung Galaxy J8 has an advanced dual camera that enables professional Bokeh Blind effects to make photography subjects feel better. With Live Focus, you can easily adjust the depth of the image before or after set down it.

Sharper visuals with Samsung Galaxy J8 camera

The Galaxy J8 phone comes with 16-megapixel rear camera (F1.7) + 5 megapixel camera (F1.9) with a low-light shutter and a 16-megapixel front camera (F1.9) to capture sharper images in low light. You can capture more attractive Selfie images; thanks to the LED flash on the front camera.

Display your creativity with the Samsung Galaxy J8

The Samsung Galaxy G8's camera with a variety of features and creative filters gives you a more attractive look.

Edit your pictures and videos and create a story to your taste and categorize it according to the theme. Thanks to improved features, you can easily share them with your friends and family.

Personalized security

Now you can unlock the Galaxy Samsung J8 immediately by holding the phone face down. Face Detection Technology only allows you to access the phone to ensure your data security.

fingerprint security

Get easier access to your phone with a trusted system. The Galaxy G8 phone comes with a reliable fingerprint scanner that allows you to easily access apps and websites and do several things simultaneously.

more security

Samsung's secure folder is a powerful solution that allows you to save your content, such as images, documents, and audio files in a private and encrypted environment.

Separate a personal chat

With the Dual Messenger on the Samsung Galaxy J8, you can separate your personal and business messages and connect with your favorite messenger app to two different accounts. The second sample can be easily installed from the home page or the settings menu.

More storage space with Samsung Galaxy J8 phone

The Samsung Galaxy J8 phone has a cloud of 15GB so you can easily store your content and always have access to it.

The Samsung Galaxy J8 phone, unrivaled tracking for your health

The Samsung Galaxy J8 phone with Samsung health features a great deal of activity, eating habits and sleep pattern and will always be with you.

Easy to use Wi-Fi with the Galaxy G8

Samsung Galaxy J8 phone saves your wifi records and automatically activates and deactivates with the arrival and departure of hot spots. Now you can experience a better connection and use less Internet connection.