Qualcomm unveils 1.2Gbps modem

Qualcomm is trying to push China to ban Apple's new iPhone phones after winning the court earlier this week when judicial authorities issued a preliminary ban on Apple's older phones on the pretext of patent infringement.

US-based Qualcomm announced on Tuesday its second-generation modem that supports 4G Gigabit LTE, although the first generation it unveiled in October was not yet available on any commercial phone.

The company specializes in processors and said smartphones it began testing samples from "Snabdragon X - 20 LTI" processors , which is the seventh generation of modems "LTI" multi - mode second - generation "Gigabit LTI" solutions, which are characterized as being built using technology Manufacturing is ten nanometers.

The new modem is the first commercially designed to offer optical fiber-like speeds and belongs to the LTE Cat 18 series, with a download speed of 1.2 gigabits per second, up 20% over the previous generation. "Snabdragon X16L E ", which provides speeds up to 1 Gbps.

The speed is only theoretical. For example, the actual speed of the Snappadragon X16TTE modem is only 533 Mbps, which means that the new modem will be slightly faster than that.

Qualcomm said that with the support of fiber-optic Internet speeds through the LTE, the Snabdragon X20LT will allow companies to provide the latest generation of hands-on experience directly to consumers, including 360-degree video and virtual reality , Cloud-related computing, content-rich entertainment, and instant applications.

With regard to when the new modem will be available to consumers, the company said it expects to launch its first commercial product using the modem in the first half of 2018.