Qualcomm seeks to ban iPhone sale in the United States

Qualcomm is trying to push China to ban Apple's new iPhone phones after winning the court earlier this week when judicial authorities issued a preliminary ban on Apple's older phones on the pretext of patent infringement.

According to the Financial Times , Qualcomm has asked the Chinese court to issue a ruling preventing Apple from selling the iPhone, XS, MaxMax and XR phones in China because of a potential patent infringement on the core of the previous case.

The new complaint will escalate Apple's legal struggle in China, where the company has so far ignored a court order banning the sale of its equipment. Apple says the ban applies only to phones running OS-11 and older. Because its phones have now been updated to IOS 12, they believe it can be put up for sale, so I have continued to sell them.

According to the Financial Times, the Chinese court's decision does not specifically mention any version of the OS. But that does not necessarily mean Apple is wrong, according to the technology website Virgin, but it means there are things to be clarified.

Qualcomm has secured a preliminary ban on iPhone 6, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X by pointing to the court that it will probably win a patent infringement case with Apple.

Apple seems to argue that even if Qualcomm has already won the case, those patents will not be infringed by its latest operating system, the IOS12, which means that it does not go beyond the sale ban.

The Financial Times says this added pressure from Qualcomm is really aimed at pushing Apple into settlement talks, with the two companies fighting legal battles across the globe, and Qualcomm is widely seen as the loser.

Apple is not the only company to address Qualcomm, but many governments have also accused Qualcomm of following alleged monopolistic behavior, similar to Apple's.