New Zealand

Southwest of the Pacific Ocean and south-east Australia, it consists of two large islands, islets and no land borders with any country.


Official name: New Zealand

Short name: New Zealand

Capital: Wellington

Language: English (official), Maori (official language indigenous population), Samoa, Hindi, French, Chinese,other languages

Political system: constitutional monarchy parliamentary democracy

Date of independence: September 26 / September 1907 ( United Kingdom )

Currency:New Zealand Dollar. 


Location: New Zealand is located in the Southwest Pacific and Southeast Australia . It consists of two large islands, small islands and no land borders with any state with 268.021 square kilometers.

Natural resources : natural gas, iron ore, sand, coal, wood, hydroelectric power, gold

Climate: Moderate in summer and cold in winter. 

Population: 4,016,916 (July 2014 estimates ) Growth: 0.83% (2014 estimates) 

Ethnic distribution: 71.2% New Zealanders, 14.1% Maurians, 11.3% Asians, 7.6% Pacific peoples, 1.1% Middle East, South America and Africa , 1.6% others, 5.4% unspecified. 

Religion: 44.3% Christians, 2.1% Hindus, 1.4% Buddhists, 1.3% Christian Macedonians, 1.1% Muslims, 1.4% Other Religions, 38.5% No Religion, 8.2% Unknown. 


GDP : 181.1 billion dollars , the annual per capita GDP: US $ 30,400 

Growth: 2.5%

Proportion of unemployment : 6.4% 

Rate of inflation : 1.3%

External debt: $ 81.36 billion 

Main products: dairy, meat, cereals, paper, textiles, machinery, transport equipment, banks, tourism, mining. Economic data , especially the year 2013