Five new features coming to the WhatsApp

With over one billion users, Whatsapp has become one of the most widely used applications in the world. With a growing number of users, Whatsapp is trying to meet their needs by offering more features and tools, the latest of which is five new features that are likely to be successful in attracting users.

1. Dark mode The Dark Mode

This feature will reduce eye strain when using the application in low light conditions, and will help reduce battery consumption.

2. Add Contact

Users will be able to add new contacts in WhatsApp without having to leave the application. When you save a phone number to a contact, the application will automatically detect the country code, and if the person has an account or account.

3. QR Code

This feature will enable users to share any contact by scanning QR codes. Both parties who share and who receive the contact will need to have the latest version of Android to scan QR code .

4. Ranking for contacts

With this new feature, contacts will be classified in terms of user interaction with the person. This interaction can be in many forms, such as voice, video or chat, and a beta version of this feature will be released to IOS Beta users soon.

5. Private Reply

This feature will allow users to have private conversations with a member of a particular group without allowing others in the group to know. This feature was introduced to Android users beta in version 2.18.355 of WhatsApp.