Republic of South-East Asia, with a common border with 14 countries, is the second largest global economy, and the most populous globe.
Name: People's Republic of China
Short Name: China
Capital: Beijing
official language: Mandarin (Chinese) 
political system: republican 
Date of Independencewas declared the founding of the People 's Republic of China on October 1 / October 1949
Currency: Yuan

Location: China is located in the south-east of Asia and bordered to the north Russia Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and the West Tajikistan,Afghanistan ,Pakistan, India , Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and the south Laos Vietnam , the South China Sea, east China Sea, Yellow Sea , North Korea and Russia. 
Area: 9,596,960 square kilometers
Natural resources : oil , natural gas, coal and uranium, in addition to a variety of metals most notably iron, manganese, copper, lead and zinc, as China is available on hydropower is the largest in the world. Climate: varies from one region to another given the country's vast area, but is generally classified between tropical and subtropical with varying temperatures from northern China to the south.

 1,355,692,576 people (July 2014 estimates) Growth rate: 0.44% (2014 estimates)
Ethnic distribution: The Han ethnic majority accounts for 91.9% of the population, while the remaining ethnic groups, such as the Uighurs and Zhuang, share the rest. 
Religion: The main religion is Confucianism, as well as other religions such as Buddhism, Islam and Christianity.

GDP : $ 9.33 trillion
annual GDP per capita:$ 9,800
Growth: 7.7%
proportion of unemployment : 4.1%
ratio Inflation : 2.6% 
External debt: $ 863.2 billion 
Main products: rice, cereals, potatoes, minerals, coal, steel, textiles, clothing, electrical and electronic appliances, machinery, weapons. Economic data , especially the year 2013