10 Powerful SEO Techniques you should not Miss in 2019 (Beginners Guide)

Are you interested in getting a high rank and improving site traffic? Here we have given a list of most beneficial techniques to increase your site traffic as well as get high-grade ranking on Google.

Some of you have created a website without an idea about SEO. Later, you might have realized that even though my website has good content, Rank is not improving.

The main reason is the Lack of SEO techniques on your site. 

Getting Rank #1 on Google is not an easy thing in 2019 since there are millions of website is available. It needs some time and effort.

Before you start, you should know what is SEO and why it is necessary? you can check here.

Now we will directly dive into this article. 

These 10 SEO tricks will definitely give you better results.

1. Better UX, Faster Secured Site 

Even though It looks like a small technique, it plays a significant role in SEO. 

If you are providing great content with the worst user experience, it will affect your ranking. And the second one is the site loading time. If your website is very slow, then users will jump to the other site.

Always keep in mind these two things and test your site's performance across different browsers and devices.

Further, in 2014 Google announced that having a secure site has a positive ranking factor. Since Google Chrome shows "Not Secure" warning for not secured site, always keep your website secured by installing SSL certification. It will build trust among your users. 

2. Title and Meta-Description Optimization

Before writing the Content, Do some basic optimization things like Keyword research and title optimization. Because the title tag has the most weight in SEO and Keywords are the foundation of successful SEO. 

Since the title only shows in search results, Always use a relevant keyword and optimize your title to grab the user's attention.

Meta descriptions do not directly have an impact on SEO. But still, it plays a significant role in convincing users to click your link.  The title of your page helps your article to come in the top list, but the Meta description will help to get more clicks. 

3.High-Quality Content

After the title and Meta Description, Heading is the first thing on the page user could see. Ensure you use relevant keywords there.

Next, consider the content of the page. Post good content regularly and keep your website active.

Also, you try to add a relevant image that makes users to understand easily. Compress the image and upload it because the large size of pictures will consume more space on your server as well as on your user's device. It will take more time to load that impact your conversion rate.

Moreover, Some people believe in their content rather than use any SEO techniques. As Dwell time is one of the SEO factor Quality content also gives you a better rank. 

You can't get better ranking only by clicking and visiting your website. Google also estimates the time that the user is staying on your website. That means users should read your article. So you have to give good content to your users to stay on your website.

4. Track Your Site Regularly

You should monitor your website traffic to find out what mistakes you have done, what to improve, which page users leave quickly, what is the search volume etc. 

If you don't track your website traffic, you won't know your progress and rank.

Google search console and Google analytics is a great free tool to track your search traffic. Some paid tools(HotJar, SEMrush) also available to analyze your site.

5.Build an Interlink with Keyword-Rich Anchor text

Interlink is the effective element of improving your website's SEO and user experience. In Link Building, we should not ignore internal linking.

If your website is newly created, then first you try to make sophisticated interlinking within your website before going to backlink. Because this practice will increase the flow of backlink authority that circulates one page to another page.

whenever you are creating new content, link to the relevant pages within your website by using specific anchor text. Ensure that you are linking to the relevant page because more irrelevancy anchor text makes your website as spam.

Don't follow the same structure for interlinking. you can add important links on the home page navigation bar, drop-down menu or sidebar which will increase your rank indirectly. 

There are some plugins to manage interlink building. you can use them to link your new content to your old articles.

6. Mobile-Friendly Website

Since most people are browsing on mobile instead of laptop you have to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. This will increase your users. 

If your website is old, you have to check your website whether it requires redesign or something else to change.

Google has recently moved to a mobile-first indexing process. So Google will rank your pages depending on how your site is viewed by users on mobile devices.

7. Outbound Links

If your content is linked with other relevant high authority pages, it will increase the trust of your site. That means Users will believe in your content. This practice will increase the quality of your site.

you try to add another website link in order to get linked to your website. Also, you have to share interesting content from other websites page instead of the personal profile page. 

If you share their page, then they will share yours. It will increase the chances of backlinks.

8. Google My Business listing

If your website is not ranked well, then you can create an account in Google My Business listing to get listed multiple times on google.

This will build trust with your users and provide your website with a great value.

9. Post on Social Medias

Even though it does not directly impact your ranking but still it plays a vital role in SEO. Nowadays people are very engaging in social media. They mostly read news/posts in Social media rather than watching in other sites.

 So, you can create a separate page/company profile for your site on social media(Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, etc) and share your articles/blogs to get more views.

This will increase your customers.

Also, you can add a Like, share and comment button on your page to know your users' feedback.

10. Backlinks

Backlinks are the most effective technique in SEO especially in 2019. But it is not an easy thing to build in a day. you need to put a lot of effort to get high authority backlinks. If your website has a higher amount of high authority relevant backlinks, then you can easily beat your competitors and improve your rank.

Ahrefs, Ubersuggest is the best tool to analyze and acquire your competitor's backlinks. 

Furthermore, you can identify common referring domains between your site and competitor's website by using CognitiveSEO’s competitive backlink research tool.                                                             

Final Words:

If you want to generate more traffic on your website, then you should try these techniques. All you need is patience. You may not get the result immediately, but surely it will work out.

Some of the techniques may not be useful for your site. whichever suits your business, you can try those and get #1 Rank on Google.

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